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 6 Hour CPE Class -   6 hour CPE course will include: 1. New Information and Updates on Current Plumbing License Law and Rules 2. Pride and Professionalism in the Plumbing Industry 3. Rainwater Harvesting Design and Installation Along With New Legislation 4. New ADA (2012 -Texas Accessibility Standards) for Plumbing 5. CSST Gas piping bonding and Siphonic Roof Drains Please    (90.00 Beginning Feb 1st)                                                       16 Hour Math, OSHA, LPG & TAS (ADA) Course (250.00) is for the preparation for the Master Plumberís Examination. The mathematics portion is an in-depth workshop that will familiarize the individual with the formulas and conversion tables along with basic math. The OSHA course will include the required study information written in the TSBPE Rules for the examination. Additional information will be presented and discussed to prepare the applicant to understand the LPG NFPA 54 and TAS standards. $255.00 includes lunch

26 Hr. Apprentice Code Training Course (385.00) is available for Registered Apprentices or Tradesman wishing to take the Tradesman or Journeyman Examination. This course exceeds the minimum requirements by Board Rule. This course will prepare the student in understanding the basics and physics of the plumbing code and will prepare them properly and professionally towards the examination. This in-depth code training class has been highly regarded as the best training towards the examination for the past ten years, even before the mandate by License Law. Sacrificed time and proper preparation is necessary to pass both the Tradesman and Journeyman examination with confidence. $385.00 Includes Lunch                                                     24 Hour - Responsible Master Plumber Course (485.00) Bobby Doran and Dr. LP Morton have designed an active participation class for the last credential for the professional plumber. Heavy emphasis is on understanding the responsibility factors of the professional plumber. The plumber must demonstrate throughout this three day class his ability to undertake the requirements necessary to be an RMP. The class work-shop will cover practical finance, business law, local state and federal rules-regulations, insurance, customer service, marketing, and advertising. The RMP candidate will be put in real-world circumstances and asked to make decisions that are based on sound business and ethical principles. The plumbing professional that completes this class will hold the RMP credential and will be recognized as having the final authority for the State Board of Plumbers in the field.

40 Hr. Inspector & Master Code Training Prep Course -(505.00) for inspectors, Licensees and Apprentices This class will credit 40 hours towards the inspectors license & qualify 26 hours towards the code portion for the Tradesman and Journeyman examination. The class consists of an in-depth study of the codes along with the explanation and understanding of the sizing tables. This benefits the Journeyman preparing for the Masters Examination. Learning and understanding the codes is critical for successful completion of the TSBPE examination. A three hour practice test and review will be given on the final day. $505.00 includes Lunch                               24 Hour WSPS training and Certification (485.00) for the Journeyman and Master Plumbers wanting to receive the mandated hours towards the endorsement examination. This will include training book and handouts. $435.00 includes lunch  

24 Hour Multi-purpose Residential Fire Sprinkler Course (485.00) for the Journeyman and Master Plumbers wanting to receive the mandated hours towards the endorsement examination. This will include training book and handouts. $435.00 includes lunch                              24 Hour Med Gas & Vac Training (565.00)   Intensive training with torch application

10 Hr. Apprentice Certified OSHA Course (125.00) is to meet the mandated requirements in the current Rules for the Registered Apprentices or Tradesman to qualify to take the Tradesman or the Journeyman examinations. $125.00 Includes Lunch                                                     2 Hour Re-certification for Gas & Vacuum Training -(155.00) Must request Med Gas training pror to CE Class!!!! -  

CPE Correspondence Course (125.00) Call the office and request the book                                                                     Special & Tutoring training available upon request - Call the Office and request the special training

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